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What’s in a name?

Why are cowboy boots called by different names? What’s the difference between a Traditional Western and a Roper or a Stockman boot? Let’s explore….

First we have the Traditional Western Cowboy Boot. This is the most iconic of western boot designs and the boot we are mostly familiar with. This boot normally has a twelve inch shaft that will sit nicely on your midcalf with a 1 ½” angled western heel (that is to keep you in the saddle). Pull-on design with no laces and a sturdy boxtoe to protect your toes. Traditional styles come in a variety of leathers and stitching patterns.

Next we have Roper Boots. These boots were designed for rodeo cowboys who needed a boot with the shaft and heels shorter in order to quickly dismount, run down a calf and rope him. Hence the name Roper Boot.

The Stockman Boot is a hybrid between the Roper and the Cowboy. It is very similar to the traditional cowboy except for having a shorter wider heel and a deeper top scallop.

The last boot I am going to discuss today is the Western Work Boot. The name says it all; this boot is designed to work. The materials of the soles vary, but mostly made with tread and traction rubber. Cushioned insoles are included for effective shock absorption. Western work boots have toe boxes that are either round or slightly tapered, which provide a comfortable fit for a day on the job.

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